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8086 Assembly Language Program To Convert From Hex To Ascii or Display a Number As String

; Program To Convert From Hex To Ascii or Display Number in 8086 
Assembly Language
; Author : Murugan Andezuthu Dharmaratnam ; Modified : Oct 09 2012 org 100h main proc near mov ah,09h ; Display String mov dx,offset message int 21h mov ax,55h ; AX Contains Hex 55H = 85 Decimal mov si,offset strHextToAsc ; SI Offset Where Converted
to String is stored
call hexToAsc mov ah,,09h ; Display String : Number Converted mov dx,offset strHextToAsc int 21h mov ah,4ch ; Return To Dos mov al,00 int 21h endp

hexToAsc proc near        ;AX input , si point result storage addres
        mov cx,00h
        mov bx,0ah
                mov dx,0
                div bx
                add dl,'0'
                push dx
                inc cx
                cmp ax,0ah
                jge hexloop1
                add al,'0'
                mov [si],al
                pop ax
                inc si
                mov [si],al
                loop hexloop2
                inc si
                mov al,'$'
                mov [si],al
message db "HexToAsc Character =  $"        
strHextToAsc db "                 "

end main